Understanding Clinical Research

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Understanding Clinical Trials | Clinical Research Malaysia

Health products or medicinal products may be used under their normal conditions of use and if they are not the specific subject of the study. Part of this research corresponds to what used to be designated as research evaluating usual care. Despite its name, non-interventional research Category 3 involves procedures or interventions defined by law.

It includes observational research: studies observing treatment compliance, the tolerance of a medicinal product once it is on the market, the practices of one treatment center compared with those of another, etc. Research is led and supervised by an investigator doctor, healthcare professional or person qualified in the field concerned by the research who must:.

Nevertheless, a regulatory framework requires that those having supplied their samples or data be protected. For further reading, visit Notre Recherche Clinique in French.

Research Paves the Way for New Therapies

Home Research at Inserm Clinical Research. But this healthcare research field is much broader than that, with clinical research also used to, for example: identify molecular or cellular mechanisms implicated in diseases which may then lead to the identification of new therapeutic targets , identify genetic or environmental risk factors which may then lead to the deployment of prevention strategies , compare existing diagnostic or therapeutic approaches which may then be useful in the preparation of patient treatment guidelines.

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At the same time, medical treatment has progressed from the simple relief of symptoms to the understanding of disease mechanisms, and in some cases, to the actual cure of diseases. Clinical research, performed in a patient-oriented clinic or hospital setting, is vital to modern medical progress. Although laboratory and animal research are important, clinical research is needed to answer the questions "Is it safe for people?

This video discusses types of human research with a focus on clinical trials, and explains common terms that potential participants should know. All clinical trials have guidelines that explain who can participate. The guidelines are based on factors such as age, medical history, illness, and current medication. These factors are used to identify appropriate people to participate, and keep them safe.

Understanding Clinical Research

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