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Sql wildcard for free text 1d. SQL Wildcards 1d. Why IndexOptimize cannot reduce fragmentation of clustered index? SQL query for custoemr retention 1d.

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Referencing calculated column in another calculation in same query 1d. Error 2d.

Home Weblogs Forums Search:. How am I so sure about that? Sample picture for Year difference The red curve exemplifies the two dates February 17, and December 13, But what if the ending date is earlier in the ending year than the starting date is in the starting year?

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I can demonstrate this for you with another DatePart parameter value. Let's choose Month.

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Sample picture for Month difference The yellow curve exemplifies the two dates May 2 and July But what if the ending date is earlier in the ending month than the starting date is in the starting month? Perhaps the syntax is too esoteric and not very "TSQL-like".

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Or the lack of a GUI scares people away. And when you start to understand them then you'll find SB is actually quite intuitive. This post is the introductory post for a series I'm going to do called Service Broker Demystified.

This isn't a SB tutorial. You won't learn the basics here. I assume you know the basics already and just want to understand better some of the esoteric stuff that trips people up with SB.

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Here are the topics we'll cover these links may be bad until I get the posts finalized, check back often :. Service Broker Demystified - Encryption Weirdness covers the first problem most noobs run into Usually the noob will google the problem, fix it, and never really understand why the encryption error is occuring. In this post I'll try to make it clearer. Most people have run into this problem but if you haven't, this post is for you. Regardless, I'll explain the problem, why it occurs, and how I auto-magically fix it.

Service Broker Demystified - Contracts and Message Types : people get confused as to what the difference is between a contract and message type. Then they don't understand why both are needed. Just like FKs help to ensure accurate data. There isn't, get over it. We'll cover WHY it works this way. This is a good thing.

Why do we need both? Andy Oppel Alameda, CA has designed and implemented hundreds of databases for a wide range of applications, including medical research, banking, insurance, apparel manufacturing, telecommunications, wireless communications, and human resources.

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