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A seasoned team will stick to your budget and schedule, communicating with every area of the production phase location, set, office, distributing, etc. Every party of the filmmaking process is involved with production. The grip, electric, and design crews will take the lead before camera and sound departments start to film. Additionally, B-roll footage is occasionally filmed during the production process, as it is utilized in post-production. Post-production is extremely important in creating a top-quality video.

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In this phase, footage is organized and cleaned up by editors. These editors will adjust sound and color of the footage to ensure that the visuals are picture-perfect. Audio items such as dialogue, music, and sound effects are also added to your video during this phase.

Before preparing your video for distribution, your crew should show you the finished product. Live streaming is an extremely unique way to communicate with your targeted audience or fellow employees. Unlike regular videos, corporate live streaming provides a more immersive experience for its viewers. Outside of social media, live streaming is also used to host business conferences or meetings through corporate webcasting. In fact, quarterly company webcasts are often utilized in the corporate setting. The equipment required for streaming live corporate events is easy to assemble, so a professional crew should not have any problems hosting one for you.

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Here you can find our top tips for creating a top-quality video for your company. We highly recommend checking out some of the best practices below before getting started with the corporate video production process. When it comes to videos, shorter is better. A high-quality video can be short — and it should be, if possible. Through engaging content, you want to concisely state your message and how consumers can contact you.

To prepare your team for corporate video shoot, one of the first things you want to address is your wardrobe. According to film protocol, anyone being filmed should avoid wearing plain white or black tops, intricate patterns, and logos or brand names. In most cases, the type of pants and shoes you can wear are up to you so long as they fit the theme of your video. We also suggest having hair and makeup ready before you start shooting. Additionally, we recommend being natural on camera. Authenticity is key for corporate video production, after all! There are two things you should look out for when hiring a corporate video company: video reviews, work samples and responsiveness.

Before contacting a company, we highly suggest checking video reviews. In this day and age anyone can post anonymous, false reviews, but a video review is solid. In addition to reviews, you can ask for work samples, also known as a demo reel. Look for consistency and make sure that the samples align with the quality of the other videos in their pertfolio. A professional production company should always be quick to respond to your inquiries.

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More often than not, you can get a free quote for your project. That said, they should provide concise consultation that will make your job just a bit easier. Look for responsiveness in communication to ensure that your inquiry is a priority to them. We covered virtually every aspect of corporate video production: costs, the three production phases, and live stream content, as well as various suggestions and tips to help you get started with your upcoming project.

There are many different types of video out there, but considering our experience as a production company, we know that these six videos are the most beneficial for company growth. Testimonials are used for a myriad of reasons.

Producing Videos

Testimonial corporate video can incorporate your customers, employees, or both, depending on what you want to use your video for. Testimonials are one of the best types of corporate video production out there. They truly hit the mark in terms of appealing to your audience, addressing your message, and promoting your company. In this video, we are utilizing the employees at Springbuk to display what exactly is going on regarding their current project, Code Climate.

There are many moving parts that make up a high-quality promotional video. A great promo video can make you stand out above competition and easily improve your sales. With how many productions include live-action footage, you can truly get creative with an animated corporate video. People often use these types of videos to teach concepts, clarify misconceptions, and describe whatever it is you want your targeted audience to understand.

Due to the nature of animated videos, a narrator is almost always used, that way your viewers can have visual and audio to help them understand the content of your video. Motion graphics are flexible and an overall great way to display a message to your viewers.

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If your organization is aiming to pull in new employees, students, or any other sort of figure in society, a corporate recruiting video is right up your alley. Since your goal is to attract people to your organization, you can utilize virtually any aspect of the production industry. This means that it can be flexible for your budget. From animation, to employee testimonials, to interviews, a recruitment video can incorporate any of it. Celebrity endorsements look good to people outside of your company, but it can be just as beneficial if not more beneficial for internal departments.

By giving visitors the chance to put a face to your brand, videos are the best way to humanize your company. They allow you to quickly establish a rapport with prospects, which is instrumental in building trust and credibility. Producing videos used to be viewed by some as an expensive marketing strategy that required specialist equipment and expertise. With the rise in popularity of real, unvarnished video marketing, this is no longer the case. And increased accessibility has led to an increase in ROI. Your customers and prospects, as well as people everywhere, are actively searching for ways of making human connections.

By interacting with your visitors in a personal manner through video, you are increasing the chances of them making a connection with you and engaging with your brand. Posting great video content leads to more social shares, which is a big deal. As a matter of fact, videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined. When somebody shares your post, it demonstrates that a person believed in your content so much they made it a part of their own story. Creating awesome video content will give you twice the opportunity to rank highly on search engines.

Including a video is a great way of doing this. So effective, in fact, that it leads to a X increase in click-through rates.

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People love to watch videos on the go, which is one reason why videos and cell phones go hand in hand. Perfect for introducing prospects to your vision and core values, brand videos allow you to tell the story of your company in a visual way that can be fun, punchy and full of character. How-to videos help to build trust with your target audience by displaying your expertise on a topic they might want to know about. They also allow you to enlighten visitors on your business, product or service. One big video trend of is a preference for content that feels more genuine and authentic.

Live videos, by nature, are both of these things. They can be shot on your phone with minimal hassle and are great for providing viewers with an intimate look behind the scenes at your company. Demo videos allow you to show off a new product or service. Creating video content that is customized and relevant to your target audience is becoming an increasingly popular way of forging human connections. Making a prospect feel personally valued can help to turn them into a paying customer. They offer your visitors a human story they can relate to and a real person they can connect with.

With a little help from some software, your company can make animated videos that explain complicated topics with the aid of imaginative visuals. Making use of quirky characters, vibrant colors and pop-up text, you can create catchy videos that are both lighthearted and memorable. Expert interviews build trust and share great ideas with your audience with the help of industry insiders and influencers. The implication is that keeping your webcam turned on for longer and spending more time communicating via video conferencing will increase your odds of closing a deal.

But the research offers even more detailed advice than that. The top sales reps do more than just keep their webcams turned on — they spend more time showing their actual faces, as opposed to showing a presentation or product demo.