If He Build It, They Will Come: The Secret to True Church Growth

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Also, sorry for the rant. I am;so in love with this response!! I just am!! I scream with joy!!! I feel your pain!! This wonderful person, right or wrong, flawed or perfect, WHATEVER your take on it is, is THE classic age-group and demographic that you unintentionally blow off when you war over silly things like tradition vs. I, too, am in my fifties, an unmarried actually biblically divorced woman, and have been for twenty years. Even in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, I have come to appreciate, there is no place for an unmarried, middle-aged spinster.

You make some really good comments, you need to clean up your online potty mouth a bit, but good comments! My impression just that is we all spend way too much time talking about what the church can do for us instead of what we can do for others in the church, and also for others outside of it. The difference between happiness and joy is the degree to which you do for others.

Jesus went to synagogue, but he put the words into action the rest of each week. Inhale and suck the life out of something, or exhale and breathe life into it. Stop and think. This is true in any context including ministry, business, or marriage. I had to learn not to ever use those words.

I found C.

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When I type OMG, what do you immediately think of? This is a very late comment on your post and you may not ever read it but here goes. A the father of a millennial, I would urge you to start an immediate search for another church. Next, I would urge you to search your heart — thoroughly.

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If you love Jesus, how can you hate the church? I truly hope you find the Acts church you are looking for. Wonderful article!

10 Very Possible Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing

There are so many perspectives to come at regarding this issue that it seems overwhelming, but it would be good to remember two things, can Jesus be found first and foremost in what we seek to learn about and do work for, and do we seek it via prayer and the guidance of the spirit? Jesus was led by the spirit to be a doer, and the young people I know like to feel like they accomplish something valuable in return for their valuable time.

Moody used to introduce himself by stating that he worked for the Lord Jesus Christ, ref. James Great points one and all!

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I am a believer of both. Jesus Christ did not have technology, but He reached many by the spirit; spirit of need. We are still spirits first born into sin. We have Jesus Christ. We have a praying spirit, hope and faith. In time, He wash away the sin, and in turn He gets the worship, praise in washing us clean. We have to pray for our needs and purpose.

It is He who assign the ministry, gifts and purpose. Pray about the will and desire of God. How can we actually DO what Scripture taught us to change? How can we apply what the preacher preached or the teacher taught? The audience is believers. The goals are faithfulness, godliness, obedience, etc. The goals are repentance, faith, belief in Jesus, i. Great article Carey. The church team I joined recently — right at the time we saw each other at the Back 40 Conference in Indiana, PA — is full in on everything you shared here.

We are seeing these things happen in our little corner of NW Pennsylvania.

8 Ways the Enemy Attacks Churches

We are multi-site 3 locations and have been for about 10 years. In the fall of , we launched an on-line campus that is truly interactive worship, communion, chat rooms, etc. I think we even have some international viewers. On a practical side, one of our physical campuses had a mechanical failure this weekend and the building was closed, but no problem because we re-routed our people to both a different physical campus or the online campus.

Great stuff. Thanks for the wisdom and encouragement. If there is a way forward that can include more people I think it is worth further consideration.

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I value community that being part of a church entails greatly it has changed my life. Great article! Thanks for getting us thinking about the challenges of this new year. I have been scouring the internet for ideas on engaging our online folks. We run around every Sunday at church and have anywhere from to 1, views on our fb live broadcasts.

We have to figure out how to engage these folks in a real and viable way. Thanks for your information and your help! Carey, not so much an additional trend comment but I wanted to express appreciation! I always love your insights and have learned so much from you over these past few years. I listen to all your podcasts and read all your blogs!

Field of Dreams - "If You Build It, He Will Come"

Thanks so much for continuing to challenge the church to move forward in the ways in which we engage with our culture and the rapidly changing context of the twenty first century while remaining faithful to our mission! You are making a huge difference for the Kingdom of God!

All here is allowing many professing Christians to nonchalantly connect thru social media atmosphere, just like world today.

All I see is life groups where ppl now follow study guides; this generation knows nothing of teaching and creating their own to fit the needs of the group. Humanism and pragmatism galore, masqueraded under Scripture and weak worship songs that speak to us more than praising Him. This shows more satisfaction in numbers more than holiness and repentant hearts. Due to changing our methods to minister to people we have seen significant growth spiritual among all members.

Our main campus is on Facebook with pop up communities around the globe. This is the first in the world as far as we know. Jesus and the disciples went where the people are. PCL is doing the same. Being on social media gives us the opportunity to disciple everyday, not only on Sundays along with many other benifits you mention.

I appreciate your influence to create change. What we are doing at PCL is something all churches should be integrating into their plans for I know you know this but that is not why we gather on Sundays in one place together as a local church and that the real reason is still important.

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That said, thank you for helping us push forward with courage and boldness and not fear. Blessings man! Sounds like something written by a night club owner trying to keep up with the latest trend. Disco out Zongo in! So redo the club to draw in the zongo crowd. Not one mention of some book of instruction…what was that book…oh yes! Least of which is the latest social trend. Not one gave one thought to the latest social trend! They did not even allow themselves to become involved with the Jewish religious system. Which interestingly was very busy accepting the latest socially accepted values of the day.

Without that one and only message then the church stops being a church and becomes a religious club. Always looking for a better business model. But, of course never finding one. The church is dying because it has lost the message of the Bible. Without that message the church will become what it is fast becoming. A social chasing religious club. Your specific congregation…. Christ was and is always on the move, and so is His Spirit in His Church.