Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence

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What can erotic love teach us about the Divine? In modern Western thought, the sexual is often seen as being the opposite of the spiritual. Yet when we understand and access the rich interplay between the erotic and the sexual, we can tap into limitless reservoir of spiritual wisdom.

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The Erotic and the Holy collection includes 57 audio files, separated into 7 chapters — a staggering 7 hours and 30 minutes of material. You can download the complete workshop in one mp3 file. You will also receive a special page PDF that includes The Erotic and the Holy experiential exercises to supplement your home workshop experience.

In Lilith , Marc Gafni provides insights into the deep context in sources of Hebrew wisdom for this core idea that that the exile of the Shekinah is in one expression, the exile of the erotic into the sexual. This idea is possibly best expressed in the Raya Mehimna and Tiqunei Zohar literature. This book represents an integration of ideas from Marc Gafni and Ohad Ezrahi.

At his request the first writer during the physical writing was Ohad. It was co-authored by them and published with intention as a shared book reflecting their partnership at the time and the shared intellectual content in the core of the book. This is reflected in the joint publishing of the book, the shared content, and the signed contracts with the publishers and dozens of extant letters between the authors during the process.

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Now, the voice behind the bestselling Soul Prints presents an in-depth audio curriculum that invites listeners to engage the fullness of their individual potential. The core ideas in The Mystery of Love began germinating when Marc Gafni encountered a Talmudic passage, some twenty-five years ago, which described the sexual drive as the Lion of Fire residing in the holy of holies in the temple.

Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsh (Introduction)

Read more…. Buy this book on Amazon. This book suggests that the most important spritual practice of a human being is to realize what Marc Gafni calls the core certainty of being, similar to what Da Free John refers to as Divine Communion, as the essential and ongoing human experience.

This book is about reclaiming the spiritual value of Uncertainty. In the wake of quantum physics we have begun to dance with uncertainty. Now that Newton has given way to Shrodinger, the modern scientific community has a way of expressing the confusion inherent in the world. Quantum Physics, despite the elegance of its imagery and astonishing scientific breakthroughs, does not ask what seems to be the crucial question: what if Mrs.

Schrodinger loves her cat? What can she be going through while her dear pet is inside the potentially lethal box? Biblical consciousness is concerned not only with the metaphysics of uncertainty but first and foremost with the experience of uncertainty. A charismatic American philosopher and teacher, Marc Gafni has become an important voice on religion and spirituality through his enormously popular weekly television program in Israel. Now, his universal message comes to America, fully realized, in his first English-language book. Marc Gafni follows in the tradition of Rabbi Harold Kushner and Ram Dass, bringing wisdom to everyday experience and using spiritual stories to teach us how to live happier lives.

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  6. Soul Prints speaks to all readers, regardless of religious beliefs or practices. Using the power of myth — Biblical and folk — and drawing on his own highs and lows, Gafni offers advice on how to overcome the obstacles of an increasingly disconnected world to form bonds based in truth and love: connections that begin with our true selves.

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    Buy Soul Prints on Amazon. Culled from his lineage in Kabbalah as well as other religious and philosophical traditions, the essence of the teaching is instruction in how we can live our life the way it was destined to be lived. In this vision, individual and collective paths to inner peace ultimately find harmony. Unfortunately, the video was poorly edited and the result is that the richness, subtlety and depth of the Soul Print teaching became was degraded.

    For this reason, today it is a work that Marc does not recommend. These lectures on the book of Genesis were given in in Jerusalem to overflowing audiences. A second set of talks on the Exodous are now also under preparation. These talks stem from the period in Dr. The lectures are liberal universal interpretation of Judaism which nonetheless provide insights relevant both within and beyond the Jewish context.

    Integral Spirituality is being widely called the most important book on spirituality in our time. Applying his highly acclaimed integral approach, Ken Wilber formulates a theory of spirituality that honors the truths of modernity and postmodernity—including the revolutions in science and culture—while incorporating the essential insights of the great religions. He shows how spirituality today combines the enlightenment of the East, which excels at cultivating higher states of consciousness, with the enlightenment of the West, which offers developmental and psychodynamic psychology.

    Each contributes key components to a more integral spirituality. By adopting a more integral view, the great religions can act as facilitators of human development: from magic to mythic to rational to pluralistic to integral—and to a global society that honors and includes all the stations of life along the way.

    Wilber examines the course of evolution as the unfolding manifestation of Spirit, from matter to life to mind, including the higher stages of spiritual development where Spirit becomes conscious of itself. In this tour de force of scholarship and vision, Ken Wilber traces the course of evolution from matter to life to mind and describes the common patterns that evolution takes in all three of these domains. From the emergence of mind, he traces the evolution of human consciousness through its major stages of growth and development.

    He particularly focuses on modernity and postmodernity: what they mean; how they impact gender issues, psychotherapy, ecological concerns, and various liberation movements; and how the modern and postmodern world conceive of Spirit. This second edition features forty pages of new material, new diagrams, and extensively revised notes. This book presents one of the first truly integrative models of consciousness, psychology, and therapy.

    Drawing on hundreds of sources—Eastern and Western, ancient and modern—Wilber creates a psychological model that includes waves of development, streams of development, states of consciousness, and the self, and follows the course of each from subconscious to self-conscious to superconscious.

    In A Theory of Everything, Wilber uses clear, nontechnical language to present complex, cutting-edge theories that integrate the realms of body, mind, soul, and spirit. He then demonstrates how these theories and models can be applied to real-world problems in areas such as politics, medicine, business, education, and the environment. Wilber also discusses daily practices that readers take up in order to apply this integrative vision to their own everyday lives.

    In this era of government gridlock, economic and ecological devastation, and seemingly intractable global violence, our future is ever more ripe for — and in need of — fresh, creative reimagining. With her clear-eyed, inspiring, and sweeping vision of a possible global renaissance in the new millennium, Barbara Marx Hubbard shows us that our current crises are not the precursors of an apocalypse but the natural birth pains of an awakened, universal humanity.

    This is our finest hour. Conscious Evolution highlights the tremendous potential of newfound scientific knowledge, technological advances, and compassionate spirituality and illustrates the opportunities that each of us has to fully participate in this exciting stage of human history. As we do, we will bring forth all that is within us and not only save ourselves, but evolve our world. What can we expect from the future? According to visionary and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, we will see a new type of human emerge in the world.

    She calls this the Universal Human, and it could be the key to our survival as a species. Barbara reveals that many of the miracles Jesus performed are actually similar to those acts that we currently aspire to achieve today, but so often without consciousness of Christ love. These statements are coming true. The Promise is being kept. We are all being changed. We do have the power of what we called gods. We can destroy the world and we also can restore the Earth, evolve ourselves and all of society.

    This is the last trump, and the trumpet is sounding for our generation. The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation invites us to form Evolutionary Bible Study Groups to join together to consider and deepen the guidance for the meaning of our new Christ like powers to be used for a positive future for all Earth life. The spiritual journey is perhaps the most personal experience of our lives—but does that mean we have to go it alone? With The Guru Question, award-winning author Mariana Caplan brings you a unique and much-needed guide for deciding whether you need a dedicated mentor to help illuminate your path to awakening—and if so, how to navigate the deep complexities of the guru-disciple relationship.

    For those seeking a teacher worthy of their trust and devotion, or anyone who has been frustrated by their experiences with a spiritual teacher, Caplan offers candid, practical, and daringly personal examination of the student-teacher dynamic. In Eyes Wide Open, Mariana Caplan supports us in cultivating the acute judgment and discrimination that will help us to live a spiritual life with intelligence, clarity, and authenticity. The Universal Human is connected through the heart to the whole of life, evolving consciously and helping to co-create a new kind of spiritual path, something we've never experienced before, but which is perfect for our time.

    Emergence lays out the blueprints for birthing this new kind of human, explaining all the steps in what Hubbard calls "an intimate and practical process for all who wish to make the transition to the next stage of evolution. Essential Self incarnation is, in other words, really transubstantiation—a change in the substance of our being. Put This Purpose First The key practice at this stage is to continue putting the purpose of being Essence first, not second.

    This does not mean we stop doing everything else in our life. It simply means that whatever we are doing, we keep our primary focus of attention on the Beloved within. In the Inner Sanctuary, continue Essential Self contemplation and practice radiating the.

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    I can infuse you minute by minute with the elixir of the substance that actually does transubstantiate and transfigure you. I knew a phase change in my process was occurring. First I had consciously created the space for something new to happen. Now I was experiencing that something new as the incarnation of the Beloved, the Essential Self, the God-self.


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    Barbara is the Author of:. Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth. Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence. Marc Gafni.