Camouflage Isnt Only for Combat: Gender, Sexuality, and Women in the Military

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The exhausted majority could care less. The utility of the things are what is most important. Everything past that is you just being an asshole. I was about to say the same thing perhaps in a different way but you more or less summed it up nicely. Probably as Klingons or Voldemort for all I know. Historically, nonconformity of the drag, butch, femme, flamer etc. Certain trades theater, fashion, beauty they colonized and made their own.

They want attention, and lots of it. They want Drag Queen Story Hours. They want Pride Parades. Or any other break from reality I might enjoy. Most of us are also instinctively uncomfortable around people behaving like they are mentally off their rails. We thought wrong. This just may be the point where society starts pushing back. We normals believe in live and let live. Do your own thing. But let us do ours, okay? We are not going to re-define the English language, and we are NOT going to bake your cake. Thank you. But that is not reality. In reality we are sexed beings for a biological imperative, that being the propagation of our species.

There are real harmful consequences to befall both sexes if we all pretend there are no differences between men and women. Not the least of which is that you can kiss objective truth goodbye. It will impose a fiction on humans that will undermine our ability to come to consensus about the way things are. Much more is at stake here than the feelings of transgenders.

Thank You for posting! There is nothing triggering about the truth. It should be noted that our species is armed with nuclear weapons. We cannot allow our respective civilizations to become this far unhinged from objective reality. I am a trans-woman, 24, living in New Jersey. Am I biologically female? The answer, at least to me, is yes, kind of.

The author is wrong when she asserts that hormones and hormone blockers do not affect biology. They certainly do. I have a female body composition fat and muscle distribution , I have grown breasts, and my entire body is soft. Like most woman, I am sort of scared of men and need a separate space. I have experienced sexism and assault from men much in the same way that many females have.

Are there biological distinctions? Yes, of course. Should self ID be the criteria for admitting someone as a member of the opposite gender? No, literally the worst idea ever. Transitioning is about more than a declaration. It literally is, in part, a biological transition. I do not want to be thrown into a male bathroom or prison where I will be the subject of abuse and discomfort. My ultimate point is this: if others naturally identify me as woman of their own volition, if I am soft like a woman, have breasts and a vagina, then obviously I should be as protected as a woman.

There should be criteria to protect all woman, including vulnerable trans woman, from assault. As you say, we thought wrong. They will not stop until they have buggered everything, both literal and symbolic and institutional. I am a white female by birth. I am not rich.

Women in the Men’s House: The Road to Equality in the Algerian Military

I am exhausted by political correctness and identity politics. Still, I am very concerned about being forced, by law, as is the case in Canada, to participate in gas lighting myself.

2019 Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick Memorial Lecture in Gender + Sexuality Studies by Robyn Wiegman

That is what Canada has forced on its citizens. Do you know, at the birth of most babies,. Languages are not even sexual creatures,. I stopped there and jumped to the comments.

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I tend to stop reading when the word is used. What images does the author mean? Images of other women who have freely chosen to pose for them? And how exactly do such images harm women? It causes harm because trans ideology is spreading, as is the rise of those objectifying and altered images. Young girls are self-IDing into being trans more often these days, often hand in hand with eating disordered behavior.

Camouflage Isn't Only for Combat: Gender, Sexuality, and Women in the Military

So the harm is psychological but very real. They refuse to marry, have children, chemically and surgically alter themselves out of self-hatred for their female bodies. There is almost an entire generation lost to this nonsense now. Here Today — as a woman it is very disturbing that women participate in their own self-objectification which also reflects on all women.

It is doubly disturbing that trans men think that being a women means dressing up with makeup, pearls, heels, etc. Insulting, frustrating and disgusting. When everything you hear or see is filtered through the victimhood card everything will be twisted and evil. The radical left is bent on destroying western civilization. Start by watching -Killing us Softly.

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  8. Kathleen, congratulations on a remarkably even-handed essay on a very fraught topic. I wish more voices in the debate were as rational and pragmatic.

    When Women Took Up Arms to Join Mexico's Revolution - HISTORY

    Even if this argument were correct, it would miss the point. These are all issues that disproportionately impact people with functioning uteruses, whatever term we are currently using to describe such people. The contentious political battles surrounding biological reproduction have by no means gone away, they are still being hotly debated from the halls of Congress to the high school to the pulpit. I know this sounds extreme and at odds with reality, but do you deny that being able to have sex for pleasure is also a luxury?

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    As I see it, you trade the risk of an unintentional pregnancy which can be really, really small, depending on the method of birth control for the pleasure of a particular sexual act. It is your right as an adult to make that trade-off. Why do you think women should be entitled to more than that?