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Or a maid. What makes the books so great as a child—and eminently enjoyable as an adult—is the brilliant world-building that Wrede did.

Dealing with Dragons has Cimorene starting out in a pretty traditional fairy tale kingdom, and slowly ramps up the weirdness. Why have two names for one job, for no reason? Searching for Dragons is even better in this regard.

Calling on Dragons (Point Fantasy)

The actual Enchanted Forest is something between the magical world of straight fantasy and a farce. Its version of Excalibur is an excited puppy that is great at plumbing, bad at not broadcasting its presence to everyone around. The castle is located near the center of the forest because the forest keeps moving around. The castle is also filled with staircases to nowhere, because one king enjoyed sweeping down them in his cape.

All of our heroes are competent and practical. Rejection of orthodoxy, in favor of what works best for them, defines every single one of the good guys.

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And Morwen, a witch with every kind of cat except a black one. And I find the romances to be a bit rushed.

Audiobook: Calling on dragons the enchanted forest chronicles book three by Wrede Patricia C.

But the series makes up for those two flaws, by being hilarious. I put the Enchanted Forest Chronicles up next to Discworld on my shelf of books that never get old.

They more than deserve it. The A. Katharine Trendacosta. Filed to: retro review Filed to: retro review retro review enchanted forest chronicles books patricia c.

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I found this book more true to the spirit of the first novel, even though I know a lot of people did not like this book as much as the first two books in the series. To my pleasure, the book once again showed Cimorene as a formidable opponent, even when carrying her unborn child into the face of danger. And though most people find Killer, the magic plagued ex-rabbit, to be annoying, I thought he was hilarious! The cats playing the straight man to his helpless behavior was even funnier! The only downside to this tale in my opinion, besides the small presence of actual dragons, was the huge cliffhanger at the end of the book regarding the whereabouts of King Mendanbar.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Book Three: Calling on Dragons (Unabridged)

Unfortunately, Cimorene was only allowed to touch and carry the sword as a courtesy, as she was not born into the royal family, but married into it. Plus, I thought it was kind of a bummer that the next book most likely starts with a huge timeskip. But because of the cliffhanger ending and the fact that I still think the first book in the series was still the ultimate best and the very epitome of perfection, I gave this book a 4. Tags: book reviews , books , dragons , fantasy , fantasy books.

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