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Authority and the Individual. The Impact of Science on Society. New Hopes for a Changing World.

The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell

Satan in the Suburbs and Other Stories. Nightmares of Eminent Persons and Other Stories. History as an Art. Portraits from Memory and Other Essays. Edited by Robert C. Edited by Paul Edwards. Reprint of Earlier Essays.

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Born at Ravenscroft near Trelleck, Monmouthshire, England. Death of Lord Amberley, father of Bertrand Russell, followed by litigation over the will of his father. The designation of freethinkers as guardians disarmed. His grandmother, Lady Russell and Rollo Russell designated as his guardians. At Pembroke Lodge. Studied under private tutors. Penned his thoughts surreptitiously in a journal. Fellowship dissertation on The Foundations of Geometry.

Honorary British Attach in Paris.

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Marriage to Alys Smith. Study at the University of Berlin. Elected Fellow of Trinity College. Lectured at Johns Hopkins and Bryn Mawr. With G. Moore in rebellion against Kant and Hegel. Whitehead on Principia Mathematica. First volume published this year. Failed of nomination for Parliament by the Liberal Party because of agnostic views. Separation from Alys Russell. Public speaker and pamphleteer against World War I.

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His library sold when the ne was not paid. Bought by his friends. Loss of his lectureship at Trinity College. Sentenced to six months in Brixton Prison because of an article in which he quoted the report of a Congressional investigation into the use of American troops against strikers. Second Division sentence changed to First Division. Wrote Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy while in prison. Marriage to Dora Black. Visit to China and Japan. Birth of John, Lord Amberley. Gave the Moncure D.

Birth of Kate. Started a school at Beacon Hill near Peterseld. Became headmaster with Dora Russell as headmistress. Talk to the Contemporary Thought. Lecture tour in the United States. Became Third Earl Russell on the death of his brother, Frank. Divorce from Dora Russell. Withdraws from the school. Marriage to Helen Patricia Spence. Birth of Conrad. Lectures at Oxford on Language and Fact. To the United States where he remained until Radio Discussion with T.

Visiting Professor at The University of Chicago until Termination of the Barnes contract. Successful suit for breach of ve-year contract. Returns to England. Elected to Fellowship at Trinity College, Cambridge, for a second time. The topic of his annual course: Non-Demonstrative Inference. Accident on ight to Norway en route to Trondheim where he was to. Saved himself by swimming in a heavy overcoat for ten minutes.

Gave the rst Reith Lectures over bbc on Authority and the Individual. Awarded the Order of Merit. Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in recognition of his manysided and important work in which he has constantly stood forth as a champion of humanity and freedom of thought. Visit to Australia. Death of Alys Russell. Divorce from Patricia Russell. Marriage to Edith Finch. We, the editors, are especially grateful to Lord Russell for his kindness and help as this project grew.

Editors of anthologies from the works of eminent thinkers are not often so fortunate as to have their work approved by the man himself. We are also grateful to the following for their generous help and valuable assistance: Karen Bents, Sarah Merrill, Lonna Johnson and Morton White; our wives for their indulgence, encouragement and keen editorial appraisal; and the stas of our publishers for their full co-operation. We add one rather unusual acknowledgement.

Bertrand Russell A History of Western Philosophy Part 01 Audiobook

We bow to each other at a distance of almost two thousand miles. Our most enjoyable collaboration in an equal distribution of labour has been done entirely by correspondence by two editors who have never met.

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All has been jointly done so that we jointly face and share the charge of errors of omission and commission which is usually the reward of any anthologist. Messrs Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc. Messrs E. Haldeman-Julius Publications Harpers Magazine. Knopf, Inc.

The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell (Routledge Classics) (Volume 23)

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Full details of the source from which each selection has been made are given at the end of each item. I owe innumerable happy hours to the reading of Russells works, something which I cannot say of any other contemporary scientic writer, with the exception of Thorstein Veblen. He constitutes a fortunate example showing that a philosopher may owe his success to clarity and cogency, to painstaking analysis and the renunciation of the mysterious language of oracles.

The ourishing condition of present-day semiotic is a sucient testimony to the fertility of Russells ideas. Leibniz acquired his title to nobility by attering powerful princes and church ocials and by defending their feudal privileges; whereas Russell, though born an aristocrat, has always defended the democratic tradition and courageously opposed political and church authoritarianism at the cost of the very type of worldly success which was so dear to Leibniz, philip p.

Russell has not said the last word on these matters [philosophy of science]; but he has certainly inspired a great multitude of students to try to say a better one. If the example of his own splendid devotion to independent thinking counts for anything, it is safe to believe that he would not prefer to have a dierent estimate placed upon his eorts, ernest nagel, ibid. Bertrand Russells philosophical writings are delightful reading.

Whatever may be Russells place in philosophy, his literary writings certainly deserve a. By this statement I do not mean to belittle Russells contribution to philosophy. No contemporary writer has done more to stimulate interest in philosophy than Russell and we are all indebted to him. His contribution to logic, perhaps, overshadows his contributions to other branches of philosophy because of its massiveness. But he has enriched brilliantly and suggestively every branch of philosophy. I believe there is little of importance in present-day philosophizing which is not derived from him.

The post-Russellians are all propter-Russellians. His writings combine profundity with wit, trenchant thinking with literary excellence, honesty and clarity with kindliness and wisdom.

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