101 Ways to Improve Business Performance (101 Ways)

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Try to set a clear timetable for sleep and ensure you follow a particular cycle to let your body get accustomed to it. Once this cycle is fixed, it automatically replenishes energy and keeps you focused at work. The smart thing to do is fast forward to your shame and start questioning where you went wrong. Once you start following this simple trick, you will save twice as much time for every minute you spend doing it. In the long run, self-satisfaction is the most excellent motivator for any career. Sticking true to your word helps others see you as trustworthy and capable, while also bolstering their confidence in you.

This activity will not only make you more mindful of your work but also help you form reliable, productive patterns on an everyday basis. It states that you should start any project with a smaller chunk of action that can be completed in two minutes or less. This rule helps you grease your wheels before you get into the groove of peak productivity. This perspective, along with the two-minute rule, can help you quickly overcome the urge to postpone or procrastinate.

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It is possible to trick your brain into liking something so that it serves you better. Take short breaks to stretch your muscles once in a while. Play a quick game of ping-pong if you have such a facility in your workplace. Read up on simple yoga postures that help you keep your back straight so that you are utterly productive throughout the day. Use the findings of the Marshmellow experiment to give yourself the delayed gratification.

Creating a reward system releases a constant influx of dopamine that will drive you towards pursuing the same feeling again. It could be a flower or a plant to a photo of your loved one. A happy workplace gives you a sense of belonging and also provides you with a quick spike of dopamine that will help you wade through mood swings or untimely sleep.

If you are planning a conference, ensure that the agenda and schedule are all noted and accounted. A planned meeting will not only save your precious time but also give your team a consistent string of thought to be addressed throughout the conference. Doing this will help you listen to them more carefully and also justify your productivity during times of performance appraisals or evaluation.

This activity will also help you maintain productivity and performance as the responsibility is now much more massive than yourself. Once you start taking the advice of your peers to accomplish something. It will be better than what you individually aimed. Doing things your way gives you the ownership of you affecting a change. We seldom underperform when doing something that represents our sincere aligned effort. Being approachable will make you get more work done and stay competitive in your domain. This innate gap in our knowledge can be bridged by forging a relationship with our peers and collaborators from similar or different areas of expertise.

These professional relationships will help you seek multiple perspectives in your time of need. The other view may tend to make a long-standing problem too dull even to be a roadblock in the first place. However, a constant thought towards work and better ways to do it may slowly drift us apart from friends, family, or just plain fun.

Have fun as often as you can, as it keeps you alive. None of us can be high-performing individuals who are also unhappy. By surrounding ourselves with people who strive to become better performers will also make us emulate their passion and drive in our work.

WOW Your Customers or Somebody Else Will

Though we may not be initially as good at any new skill. Overcoming the friction to learn something new will pave the way for compounded professional and personal growth in a multitude of skillsets. Neither of us is too smart to work only a short while or too ineffective to tie ourselves to the office. Doing this helps you not lose your momentum and stay on the path of high-performance. However, high-performance is a lifestyle, and for you to ingrain it into your work, you have to spend a few minutes going through your day and asking if you genuinely accomplished what you set outdo.

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Doing this makes you painfully aware of your shortcomings and will serve as a burning desire to do better tomorrow. Politeness though considered meek, could very well be a powerful tool for leveraging action through soft-power. However, nobody wants to work for free or feel underpaid. If you believe your compensation is not enough or feeling undervalued, which is depreciating your performance. Learning a new art form such as poetry or theatre, can help you not only fill the creative void but also help you be more productive at work the following day.

A healthy workout regimen would help you feel energized throughout the day and keep your blood circulation and energy in order. Sitting with your eyes closed for 20 minutes every day will give you a much-needed break from a continuous stream of modern distraction while also filling you up with positivity and alpha wave state.

This activity also allows you to avoid distraction at a stretch not capable by most. With the advent of LinkedIn and medium, professional influencers are real rockstars, and they consistently give out great content that we can directly apply to our responsibility. This radical change in the mindset will help you progress within your organization as a high-performers. Productivity comes as a by-product of knowing what to do to get profitable.

When you develop a specialization, you become more productive solely through the effort you spent in a particular field. In case of a work-related call or an emergency, try to be polite as not to disturb your teammates or fellow collaborators. High-performance is a team effort, and you are inevitable sabotaging the same cause you are working towards.

Ways To Improve Business Performance| By Donald Waters

However, filling yourself with a quick fix or a juice can provide you with the requisite amount of sucrose that your brain needs to function at sustained levels of concentration. Productivity is often driven by results and a personal following on a particular niche topic will serve as a strong motivator to keep learning and writing about it. Though a passing remark and a brief comment to a colleague may seem harmless, it may reflect untowardly on your character and might stop more opportunities coming your way. If you are averse to pen and paper, try a digital alternative such as Evernote which, not only helps you keep a record of your everyday interaction, but also help you revisit older notes to recall essential details that you might have missed and maintain your productivity schedule without going off-track.

A high-performer does not mean you believe in doing everything yourself.

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If you can figure out a slick keyboard shortcut, or a more natural way to get a task done without spending much effort or compromising the quality of the output, you should go ahead. In case you have missed a particular deadline, try to come up with a schedule of all your upcoming deliverables and incorporate it into your plan. Giving up on a timeline to come back later might set the wrong precedent for future procrastination. Ensure you wear something comfortable to work with and also is a reflection of yourself. When you feel confident about yourself, you tend to get more work done and also be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Prepare your looks in a way that bolster your confidence and makes people pay attention to what you have to say. It might signal as being lackadaisical in case you extend your specific allotted lunchtime every day. Have a planned lunch hour where everyone knows you will be outside and return to your workplace accordingly. It is imperative that you develop a sense of intrinsic motivators apart from existing external motivation such as salary and recognition.

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Try to instill a sense of ownership in anything you do so that people start acknowledging that you are in for the long run. A coffee-shop with a free wife set up may also help you feed creativity and novelty in case of creative deliverables such as a marketing copy or a sales collateral. Chances are, people outside to are finding themselves in the very same fix as yours. If you believe you have accurate knowledge to be contributed, go ahead and put it out on the internet. Doing this simple activity will not only let you know if you had pursued the most novel form of approach but also bring you a wealth of contacts and feedback which you can incorporate into your work later.

When you tackle each of these individual components, it brings a greater sense of clarity and ease while problem-solving. For making these mind maps, you can leverage a tool like miro to collaborate with others and seek their inputs. Systematically doing check-ins using software like upshotly, will foster a clear path to high-performance as an individual and a team. A new place with new people will not only take away the drudgery of meeting the deadline but will also making working an enjoyable process, the way it is supposed to be. A workation is a sure-fire way of engaging and keeping a high-performing team on its toes.


That concludes the end of our ways to improve your performance and of those around you. Though this list is a culmination of all the suggested best practices that are bound to benefit both you and your organization as a whole, you can also go ahead and come up with a novel set of rules that work for you. An introduction to Daniel Goleman's six styles of leadership, and how emotional intelligence can serve as a tool of personal and professional growth for modern leaders.

How visionary leaders can effectively influence their employees to gain their trust while understanding their strengths and weaknesses to sustainably guide them towards their long term objectives. Though Coercive Leadership style is largely perceived to be toxic and unfruitful, It can be a situationally powerful toolset for Modern Leaders to drive employee performance when used with caution.

Empowering modern leaders with tools to help their employees improve performance every day. Performance Management Software. Login Sign up for free. In brief As a manager, you are responsible for the performance of your organization, and must make the necessary decisions with confidence and enthusiasm.

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Mention a problem in a pub, and people will happily tell you how to solve it — as well as every other problem that humankind has ever faced. To make good decisions, you have to approach them properly. The first step is to analyse the situation. You make a decision when you have a number of different courses of action and must choose the best. After making your decision the future unfolds — but you have little control over this — and eventually you gain the rewards. You need a way of consistently choosing the best alternative. A better approach has the following seven steps: 1.

Describe the problem — finding the exact problem, its cause, the context, effects, seriousness and variables. Define your objectives — showing what you want to achieve, and giving priorities to different objectives. Collect and analyse data — getting all the relevant information. List all the alternatives — including those which are not immediately obvious.

Compare the alternatives and find the best — examining the consequences of each alternative, and finding the one that best achieves your objectives.